Saturday, January 31, 2015

A Mish~Mash of Knitting Needle Organization and Basement Framing!

It's gorgeous outside today! Sunny and about 17 degrees and Paul and I are planning to run some errands before the big storm tomorrow. 7-10 inches of snow predicted. I'll have lots of time to knit and scrap!
Speaking of, I bought some knitting needle organizers. I was looking through a knitting magazine and saw these and thought-now that's what I need!!
So, a before and some after pics...
There's some shorter needles hidden inside. What a mess to search through. 
My double points.
Ahh, that's better. The thing is, it didn't come with ALL the different sizes so I added some with a purple marker. 
And my circulars!
So, moving right along. I did finish a gift I started for Wendy in December! Insert shocked smiley face! But I'm a slow knitter and who cares right? It's the thought that counts.
A keyhole scarf and headband in her favorite colors. 
The basement framing is coming right along. We'll have the electrician and plumber down there soon, hopefully next week some time.
There will be a wall starting from the bottom of the stairs and going across and this room will be our exercise room with a closet on the right.

Next to the closet (which will be inside the workout room so you won't see it from here) is a little hallway going to the utility room to the right and then further back will be a half bath with a shower, sink and toilet. 

A full view of the utility room with the bath in the back. Along this 8' wall will be a bar area with a sink and refrigerator.

The main part of the basement. There will be a tv in the corner. 
To the right of the main area and right of the stairs will be (we're hoping) a pool table. In the back is storage and Paul's work room. 

So, I think I've bored you enough. I'll try and post more often and not so much content LOL.

As always,

Monday, January 12, 2015

Knitting the bizarre!!

Today is not as cold as last week when it was in the single digits but nevertheless, it's 30 and has been snowing all night.

I have a couple of things saved I received by email from a couple of different knitting resources. I saved them because I just think they are so bizarre and I knew I wanted to post about them one day soon. Guess what? Today's the day LOL!

First we have a new craze called Arm Knitting. I know it has caught on and a lot of people love it, it's quick, it's well-I don't know what else it is but quick. You don't even have to have knitting needles! Ok-Ok. I know you're just dying to see what it is so without further ado;

Serously? I'm not a fan. I could never wear something that I think may strangle me one day!

And then..I have the creepy gnomes. Don't get me wrong, my whole family LOVES gnomes, including myself but not these little buggers;

Yes, they creep me out! Can you imagine giving one of these as a Christmas gift? Maybe to someone you didn't care for. And don't forget to include the pins, as in Voodoo doll pin!!

Okay, I'm done making fun of my craft. Although the other day on Facebook I watched a video and read an article about this chick that actually knits from her vagina! I won't even go there as that wasn't funny to me, it was more like disturbing!!!

Have a wonderful day my friends and as always....