Wednesday, March 9, 2016


Good morning! The sun is shining and the birds are chirping! Life is good my friends! And, my bosses let me have the day off! Yes, life is good.

What I'm lovin' this Wednesday is a website called Postcrossing. I may need to create a label for it as I'M LOVING IT! You sign up, write a little bio about yourself, click "send postcard" and the website gives you the name and address of a person somewhere in the world to send a postcard to. Each postcard you send has a unique code that you write on it, then when the recipient gets the card, they log that number onto the website as a confirmation type thing that your card actually got there. Once people start receiving yours, you get some!!

So here are the 3 I've got so far...

My first postcard was from Australia

My second postcard was from Austia

My third postcard was from Belarus
And there you have it. They traveled a very long way and as you can see by the front of the first two, they got a bit scuffed up by the post office machines. And the 3rd one, I love how she decorated the back with fun! But, I will always wonder about what's behind those windows on the front...a bit creepy to me, especially the one on the left. 

Anyway, I'm thrilled beyond measure to have these treasures. 

As always....

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Project Life February 2016

Notice I did not post a What I'm loving Wednesday because Wednesday I wasn't really loving much. That was the day I had my first "procedure" where the prep is God awful! They ain't lyin!! But anyway, I'm great and I don't have to have the "procedure" again for 10 years! Yippee!

So, on to the important stuff LOL! Did I say I was going to try and stay caught up? Yep! I finished February today and hope to work a little on 2015. You may notice I'm trying different formats. In January I doodled a bit around the edges of the photos with a black pen. This time I'm trying a white border, which many people find "clean". But probably only if you use minimal color. As you can see my February block is pretty bright :)

Feel free to give your opinion on the white borders. As always...