Saturday, October 24, 2020

Half Way!!

 First I have to say how amazed I am by Paul’s drive to get things done! 4 U-Haul trucks and 3 storage sheds later...we have essentially moved out of our home in Avon and have moved in with Jenn and Dan until our new home in Waterville closes on the 5th of November. I can’t believe how he’s able to put himself in auto pilot and start early in the morning and work his ass off until the evening. 

Yesterday we were able to pack up 95% of the rest of the house. He got a 26’ truck this time. We have a 15’ reserved for Monday, when we go back and pack up the rest of the garage. 

I took a couple of pics of my favorite rooms in the house. 

I spent sooo many hours knitting, reading and watching tv in here. We do have an office in the new house and hopefully we can convince my brother in law to make us some more custom bookshelves. 

My kitchen! When we moved in my kids called it momma’s bitchen kitchen. That stuck for the 8 years we’ve lived there we truly had some amazing birthday parties, graduation parties and Christmases in it. ❤️

We just bought all new kitchen appliances in February. I was so looking forward to cooking and baking at Christmas time using my new double oven. I know Christmas in our new home will be magical though. 

As for the meaning of half way in the title, we just have to rent more U-Haul trucks and unload 3 storage units when we move into the new home and then we’ll be done!!! πŸ₯°

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Wednesday, October 7, 2020



Moving is progressing. It isn't really slow going, it just feels like it. Paul has moved quite a bit to storage in Whitehouse and we're gradually clearing rooms. The house is sounding echoey and I think it must be due to the high ceilings with all the paintings and pictures removed. 

staircase before
Staircase before

Staircase after

Craft room before pics 

Craft room after

So I want to show you the socks I'm making for Debra. I think I mentioned them in my last post. When we went to Bunco on Kelley's Island, on the way are some really cool shops we like going to. One is this yarn shop where they actually have some sheep on the property!! Christi's Just For Ewe
 Anyway, I bought some really nice bamboo yarn for me and Deb picked up some and asked if I'd make her a pair. That was quite a while ago! So, I put aside the baby blanket I'm making for baby E to get these done. 

I got the toes and part of the foot done, yay! 

Look who turned 66 on Monday! Happy Birthday babe! 

Paul and I watched Ellie last week for a couple of days. I bought her this adorable kitty hat. At first she didn't want to wear it but when we went outside for a walk and it was chilly, she loved it! 

And, after not having hair for so long...

we have curls!! I could just kiss them all day long! 

She is loving reading!! This book was a gift from my friend Kathy.

Last week we had the inspection on our house (current) so Paul and I took Bentley to a local park. The first park we went to, Bur Oak was not what I remember when Lydia I went a couple of years ago. It smelled bad, like sewage. We did see a sign saying that there was combined sanitary storm sewers both above and below the stream?! How messed up is that?? 

Needless to say, we left and I took him to one of mine and Lydia's favorite local parks, Sandy Ridge. It was beautiful and peaceful and they even have a separate dog walking path I've never been on. 

I do miss my walks with Lydia. We used to walk every single day and got up to about 4 miles. Here's a pic of us after getting caught in the rain...

Fun times!! LOL

And on September 11th, 

We got Toby's ashes. I MISS HIM 😭

                Yesterday sucked (for Paul). I was upstairs playing on the computer and he asked me to come down to the kitchen. He said he'd packed the can opener and was trying to open a can of beans for chili, with our old bottle opener 😲. 

Needless to say he cut his finger pretty good and it wouldn't stop bleeding. I took him to the Wellness Center attached to our doctor's office. 

Steve said he'd need 2 stitches. Nope, he needed 3. And then this morning he was looking for something and realized we put things that were on the counter in different cupboards for showing the house and...
look what he found!  

Stitches for nothing! πŸ˜–

I feel bad for him. Playing in the yard and packing as well as loading stuff into the truck is going to be different for sure. 

Well, I guess that's it for now. Just want to keep ya'll updated. 

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