Sunday, April 29, 2012

One door closes, another opens..

Kind of how I feel today about Stephen, my middle DS moving out. He reminds me constantly that it's time. He's right of course. He promises to come by..often.
Then there's the empty bedroom that now can become my scrap-room. I'm feeling a bit apprehensive about it for some reason. I've had my scrap-room down in the basement now for well over 5 years.

I'm used to the flow I've created with the built in bookcase and having my table face the room instead of the wall (which I don't think I'll be able to do in the bedroom). 

I'm also used to the sink always available for cleaning up my ink and chalk messes. I am looking forward to painting the bedroom a granny smith green though and I feel I will get tons more scrapping done with the natural light coming from the 2 windows. I've noticed over time that I find it very difficult to scrap in the basement on a sunny day.

Friday, April 13, 2012

March Project Life

I really am enjoying doing the PL monthly. I just need to be more diligent in writing and journaling as things happen vs trying to remember the facts at the end of the month. March was full of excitement with Logan's 6th birthday and my sister Wendy, coming home after being in NY with FEMA for the last 7 months. I hope to include her in some of my PL months ahead.

Logan's birthday party was at a Sports Center. Video games and putt-putt were the highlights!

Wendy & I took Emmy to IHop one morning for breakfast and do you think I could talk her into some chocolate chip pancakes or stuffed french toast? Nope, all she wanted was Mac-N-Cheese and broccoli. She even told the server "I'd eat all that Mac-N-Cheese you got back there"!

Paul's always wanted to go to Phoenix, AZ on vacation and a business trip provided us with a few days of sight seeing. Just as I expected, lots of rocks, sun and dirt LOL. I noticed gas over $4 a gallon for the 1st time too.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Jenn's Engaged!!

So, I drop Jenn & Toby off at the airport yesterday. They're heading to Florida for a week. Once the plane reaches 30,000 ft, the captain announces they have a couple of special people on board (Jenn is thinking how cool, famous people on the flight and starts looking around the cabin), the captain says "Toby and Jenn". Then the flight attendant starts video taping....