Monday, March 31, 2014

A great weekend!

I actually scrapped this past weekend and finished January Project Life! Whoo Hoo!!

But! I can't get the pictures to load from icloud and not be sideways. So, I will take pics tomorrow with my Nikon and get them on here.

So...until then, I want to share what I did. Jessie had suggested a few weeks ago that we take this painting class Painting With a Twist that she had done a few times with her girlfriends. Well, Jenn, Jessie, Sarah (Steve's gf) and I went and we had a great time. I've always wanted to paint. I LOVED IT! Of course as anal as I am I felt rushed and didn't finish my painting but - not a big deal as I can finish it here at home. It's suppose to be FUN! No pressure, doesn't matter if you know how to paint or not. Just FUN! And fun it was....

And I am going to lose about 50 lbs starting right NOW! 

We are definitely doing this again!!

It snowed Saturday morning and while Paul was outside shoveling, he called me out to look how gorgeous it was! Oh my! It looked like diamonds everywhere with the sun out!

This morning I noticed Kitty laying by the front door, just chillin' waiting for Dory to wake up. Her room is on the right from where he is laying.

I downloaded a really cool little app called "Collect". You take a pic a day and it creates a Polaroid for ya! How cool is that?

So, I'll be back soon with pics from PL. As always....

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

China? and Let the Sun Shine!

I took Stephen to the airport when he was flying to China on a business trip.

And he brought me a beautiful tea set along with some authentic green tea!


So, my new office/craft room is soooooo sunny, I have to wear a visor while on the computer!
Let, the sun shine! Let, the sun shine in! The sun....
Poor me LOL!!
As always....

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Changes and stuff

Things are changing here once again but I don't mean that in a negative way whatsoever. My sister Wendy moved into her very own apartment last Friday after living with us for 3 years. She's thrilled to be on her own again and I'm thrilled to be getting my new house somewhat back to my self. Dory (Paul's mom) still lives with us but she's the only one left on a waiting list for an independent/assisted living center.  Wendy's apartment is kind of a new beginning for her. I'm so happy for her and she doesn't live far from me at all! About 5 minutes away.

Since she moved I'm now trying to set up my office/scrap space in what was her bedroom. I've dreamed of having this room, with this gorgeous window allowing all the natural light and sunlight to flood in! I've moved my scrapping supplies 4 times in the last year, 1st I was in the basement (didn't work at all), then I was in the front formal living room-which is now Dory's bedroom, and then I was in the bedroom upstairs here across the hall. Little by little I'll get things set up in here.
I feel it's my scrappin' space now that I have the switch covers on....

I took my car for a much needed wash (which was a change LOL).

and a mistake since it was so damn cold everything FROZE!
What was I thinking?? I've lived here almost 30 years!! I must have had a huge brain fart that day.

I started a new knitting project with some luscious yarn I purchased a few years ago. I think I treat luscious yarn like I do luscious scrapping paper, I don't use it for fear of messing it up. I got 4 different types to make another wrap (this one will be bigger). In some instances I'm to use two strands of the same yarn. I was thinking, how am I going to do that? Well, I had an ingenious plan!
I balled the whole thing with my handy dandy yarn ball winder (Santa brought me years ago).

Then I got out my scale and as I started winding another ball with the end of the original, I weighed it!! My pattern called for 4 oz so viola! I made 2, 2 oz each!!
When I told Paul what I did, he thought I was using the bathroom scale! He has such little faith LOL.

I decided I needed a bulletin board at work. I was so fed up with putting push-pins into the wall. WELL!! I took Paul's drill and headed up to the office and spent waaaaaay too much time trying to get this thing hung up! I was sweating!! It had slots on each side on the back that screws were suppose to slide into. Typical design (by a man probably) flaw, the screw heads were too big!! And it came with the screws!! 

Eventually I managed to hammer the sucker up on the wall!

While at the office, I grabbed a cup of coffee and noticed the mug was a little Boynton character who was on Jenn's wallpaper when she was little. It is now mine :)

Well, I think I've rambled on enough. As always....

Monday, March 17, 2014

Logan turns 8!!

Today Logan is 8 years old. I can't believe it's been 8 years since this awesome grandson of mine came into our lives!
Proud MiMi

I'm so blessed!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOGAN!!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

SNOW!! and knittin' honey...

Well, we knew we were in for another storm today and Mark Johnson was right! It's been blowing and snowing all day. A lot of accidents out there and we were without power for a couple of hours this morning.  I think that maybe due to a fallen power line or something since the snow is very heavy and wet.
Pic from newschannel5. 

So, I stayed in all day and worked a bit for the The Hisey Group, then gathered some yarn for another knitting project. 
 When you look at this sweatshirt...

You might find it surprising to learn that I FINISHED my shawl! My very first lace project and I must say it turned out BEAUTIFUL!! The yarn is bamboo and absolutely to die for soft. My only beef with it is it turned out a lot smaller than I wanted but what the hell, I'll wear it as a shrug-shoulder warmer thingy! 
Just washed prior to blocking.

Not bad for my first lacy project.
As always...

Monday, March 10, 2014

Today is NOT a good day.

One year ago today, I lost my dear brother. It's heart-wrenching knowing I'll never see him again. Knowing I'll never get another phone call, email, hug or his shoulder to cry on. I'm trying so hard to not let my emotions over losing him consume my day. I hope to think of HAPPY memories and not dwell on the fact that I MISS HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Wow, it's March!

Already! March brings with it 3 birthdays, my SIL Barb on the 10th, Logan on the 17, and my mom would have been 85 on the 23rd.

I miss her so much. 
And, my brother passed away on the 10th last year. Can't tell you in words how much I miss him.

Wendy and I were talking about how much we miss him and she reminded me of what he used to say when he couldn't find the words..."ain't that sumpdin'". 

Trying to get my PL's slow going. But, I'll keep trying.

We've had another cold blast come through. I think it's about 10 out there right now. Brrrr.

Been in a little of a funk lately. Too much going on around here and I feel a bit overwhelmed. BUT, it will get better.

I'm off. As always,