Monday, March 9, 2020

Hey March!

Hi there,

Lots going on as usual but nothing important. Except when I get to spend a few days with Ellie, which is mega important!! And which is what I got to do a couple of weeks ago.

Before reading on, WARNING, this is me venting about my sinus infection and yes I'd like cheese with my whine..thank you. You can skip it if you want.

So I woke up on Friday the 28th with a horrible sore throat which by Saturday morning was no longer a throat problem but had turned into a sinus infection...huge! It was awful. Of course my doctor was booked the next week so I went to the little "wellness clinic" next door. I saw a nurse practitioner (didn't I say after my leg disaster that I would never see a NP again?!), and she tells me that she isn't going to prescribe antibiotics for this since she "thinks" it's viral (I guess since I didn't have a fever) and she told me it would go away on it's own.
Now, I've had sinus issues for 20 years. 15 years ago I had sinus surgery which has really helped but only lasts so long. My doctor ALWAYS prescribes an antibiotic, for my sinus infections (why do they call it an infection if she thinks antibiotics won't help? Aren't antibiotics for INFECTIONS?) Anyway, I know what you're thinking, there's vial and bacterial blah-blah-blah. So, I decided to be the good patient and follow her instructions which was to take Mucinex and these little clear cough pills called Benzonatate. Also use a saline nasal spray (insert eye-roll here) which anyone with a sinus infection can tell you is mute! I continue to feel like shit for 4 more days. NOW, it's in my chest and sinuses. I can't stop coughing and my head feels like I'm in an aquarium. So I call the DOCTOR. He's still booked. Even the girl who answers the phone says "doesn't he usually give you antibiotics?". So she leaves a message for him and says she'll see if he'll call something in. He must have talked to the NP because she calls me the next day. Not feeling better? I said no, I'm actually worse. She calls me in an antibiotic. This is on Thursday. Yesterday I went and bought some Robitusin DM Max. It's now Monday and although I'm getting better, I still have coughing and wheezing issues. I'm using my inhaler 10 times a day and at night I'm taking codeine cough syrup from 2018. I don't helps me sleep without coughing for a good 5-6 hours. I feel like I've wasted a whole week of my life, all because she didn't prescribe an antibiotic!
Paul's such a sweetheart...yesterday morning he say we haven't eaten out for a while, why don't we go to Cheesecake Factory? I was excited but realized I don't have the appetite and my senses are out of wack, so I ask for a rain-check. ABSOLUTELY he says. So we have plans for next Sunday or Monday afternoon to eat there.

Whew...thanks for letting me vent. The last couple of days I've been trying to catch up on my scrapbooks. I'm working on December 2018 but first I discovered a very cool app called MOLDIV. I've had this on my phone forever but never used it so I was able to make a few collages in a 4x6 size, one for December '18 and two for February this year. They turned out great I think...

I did fix the misspelling of turned. 
I love my salt-lamp/eo diffuser I got from Steve for Christmas and diffused a blend for sinus/cough issues all week! It was lovely! The reason I no longer am a "wellness advocate" for the MLM company DoTerra is some heavy post for another time, maybe, but for now I have to say the oils I buy from Edens Garden are amazing! They're pure, reasonably priced and always have FREE-FAST-SHIPPING!
Here's a referral link if you'd like to try their oils Referral and if you do I get points towards future purchases.

My socks are coming right along...

Last night Paul and I watched A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood. IT WAS SO GOOD! I was surprised how much of an impact a sentence in the movie had on me. As you probably already know, Mr. Rogers was all about making kids feel better, especially when going through difficult times. Sitting in a cafe the gentleman in the movie sees Mr. Rogers' vegetable plate and asks if he's vegetarian. Mr. Rogers says "I just can't eat anything with a mother". Most people I talk to who are vegetarian or vegan say they don't want to eat anything with a face, but see what he did here? He related it to kids. I thought that was very cool!

So, I'm off to play in my craft room and keeping my fingers crossed I'm going to get ALL better soon. I have plans!! Tomorrow is calling bingo at the assisted living. Wednesday is a dentist appointment, and Thursday is bunco!!

I hope you have a great week! 
As always, thanks for stopping by.