Sunday, October 30, 2016

Project Life June 2016

Yep, I'm slowly but surely getting caught up. Here's my Project Life for June.

Design F

A half page design insert

back side of half page

Design A
As always...

Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Well, well well...

It's that time again to hook up with Randomness with Rachel for..


That my baby girl came to spend the night and watch the World Series with us..

And that she makes faces...ALL THE TIME LOL!! 




That our Halloween party was a success! We had about 35-40 people, mostly our regulars and few newbies. In fact, one of our newest party goers won Best Costume!

Best Costume was The Joker

2nd Place Best Costume was Medusa here.
Now I'll just post some pictures of our party...

Our host and hostess dressed as Steam Punk peeps

Us co-hosts as 50 Shades of Grey

So my Oreo Truffles actually turned out delicious! Paul and I usually make a large crock pot of Chicken Buffalo Dip but this year one of Diane's co-workers asked if she could make it. Well these little balls of deliciousness were a total pain the ass to make! The Candy Melts that Michael's sells were the pits! I couldn't get those suckers to melt good for nothing!! Here's a pic of one that I tried to cover with what looks like pudding!! NEVER AGAIN! So I landed up going to Walmart of all places and buying CandiQuick. That stuff worked a lot better! It needs to be a little thin in order to dip. One of these days maybe I'll give a review of the F-ing Candy Melts on their website.

Nice huh? 

Thank God the few monsters turned out ok and the mummies made with the right stuff did too!

The Pumpkin Pie Shots were good too!
Joe got to play with the band some. He's pretty darn good! 

Freddie is my favorite prop. Someone actually thought his arm was the toilet bowl flush and tore it away from the wall. Diane I guess put him away before we got there the next day, so I'll have to wait til next year to see if I need to fix him at all.


Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky! LOL! 

As always...

Friday, October 21, 2016


Happy Friday morning!

It's raining buckets here in N.E. Ohio! What a yukky day. Paul and I both have the day off to help get ready for our annual Halloween Party we co-host with Joe & Di. I wanted to walk with Lydia this morning but I don't like walking in the rain when it's below 60, I just feel that's a cold waiting to happen. So, hopefully it won't be raining tomorrow and we can get our 4 miles in.

I've been craving (to put it mildly) to play in my scraproom. I shouldn't leave my Project Life album open, waiting to be worked on on my table just calling me!!

So I decided to make a little holder for one of the prizes at our party. Di and I made gift buckets and one has a gift card to Regal Cinemas, some popcorn, Milk Duds, Goobers, Sno-Caps, Whoppers etc. and I printed a Redbox gift certificate. Well, I got to play in my scraproom after all and I made this fun holder for it..I couldn't just put it in the bucket without dressing it up a bit!

I also made my fascinator (hat) for my costume...which I LOVE!!

The handcuffs make it a bit heavy and I'll have to hold onto it when I bend over for anything because it will fall off being top heavy. Everything is attached to a headband. I just LOVE it though! 

Diane found a really cool bat. This guy is going to go in the garage off to the side to scare the shit out of people as they walk by!

Here's a couple of decorations

More photos to come after the party. 

Lydia and I had a nice walk on Wednesday and we decided to go to the park again. This time we waited until they opened. 

This months Bunco I was a co-host and decided to make these delicious looking caramel dipped grapes.. 

Don't they look scrumptious? They aren't mine. Mine turned into an epic fail..

I did not know you were suppose to hold them up in place. Obviously! So I went on to dip them in the Candi Quick coating and they were soooo hard to chew with the caramel, I decide to just use the Candy coating. Those turned out pretty tasty..

Not pretty but tasty. 

Last Saturday evening it was cool enough to have a fire in the pit and we roasted hotdogs..I LOVE hotdogs on the open fire..I know, I say it every time LOL! 

That's it for now. Stay tuned for after Halloween Party post early next week. As always..

Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Happy Wednesday ya'll!

Once again I'm linking up with Rachel for What I'm Lovin' Wednesday.

I'm loving.. my LuLaRoe leggings and the fact that I'm hosting my very first pop-up party this Saturday..

I'm loving.. the movie "Mrs. Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children" and two of my favorite buds to see it with..

I'm loving.. walking in the early mornings with my friend Lydia. The one day we got caught in the rain..

and then the other day, we got caught sneaking into the park before it opened. We didn't know that you couldn't go in before it opened, we didn't even see a sign showing what time it opened. was a beautiful morning and we got to see up close the bald eagle that lives there. After the park dude found us on his little golf cart and told us we had to move our parked car, while heading back we saw all these people with mega camera equipment and binoculars to get a glimpse or picture of the eagle...little did they know..

I'm loving.. these

I'm loving.. my layouts I changed on the wall

And I'm loving.. my Toby who's comfortable (or thinks he is) in the bin he emptied of toys. 

I hope you let me know what you're loving this week. As always..