Thursday, April 13, 2023

February 2022 Project Life

Well, February PL is definitely  shorter than January. I did try the smaller 2x2 or 2x3 photos and although you can get a lot on a page, they are SMALL. Not really a fan but the creative process was fun! 

February 2022: 

As you can see, the album is intact. Later I tear it apart and put it in a small 3 ring binder. 

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Project Life January 2022

Hey there!

I get it, it's 2023. But I haven't posted any of my Project Life (scrapbooking) layouts in forever! And, if I continue to post them here on my blog, it might just help me in my quest stay caught up. 

Believe me when I say I'm so far behind! I think in 2022, I only got to April. The biggest reason was I ventured away from the "classic"  Project Life  and decided I wanted to do actual scrapbook pages to document my everyday, especially after watching Jamie Pate create a scaled down version of a scrapbook using Heidi Swapp's Storyline Chapters. You can see her video here Jamie Pate Storyline Chapters.

Unfortunately it wasn't long before all the Storyline Chapters that everyone was doing turned into planners. PLANNERS! I am NOT a planner person! Not only do I not have a lot of planning to do on a daily basis but putting photos that are seriously tiny into a 2x2 space is not the way I want to document my story. After all, the PHOTOS are the focus. 

So, my 2022 album has become sort of a hodge-podge of scrapping. Some out of page protectors and some inside. But, you know what? THAT'S OK! I'm getting my stories told and it doesn't matter how, as long as the photos are PRINTED! The pages for these are 9x7.5. 

So, here's my title page for 2022: 

Stamp by Ali Edwards

January 2022: 

Creating this page was so FUN with the hidden pictures! 

So, I'm not gonna lie. Creating these freestyle pages was A LOT of fun! Just so time consuming and I missed just sticking a photo into a pocket. But, because they were so fun, I'm sure I'm going to throw in a few scrapbook pages here and there from now on. 

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Project Life March 2023

 My March Project Life pages: 

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Project Life February 2023

 Here's my Project Life layouts of February: 

Under the velum that says "Currently STRUGGLING there's always something" are photos and the story of how I hurt my leg at the airport. 

This journaling card from Ali Edwards originally read "Just one of those days - it happens. I added the sh at the beginning of "it "😂

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