Tuesday, December 10, 2019

White Christmas!


I had a great time at the play "White Christmas" with my buddies Bev and Joanie. For Bev's birthday back in October Joanie and I bought her a ticket to the play. It was beautiful!!

Love these two! 

They had the Christmas Tree display and that was gorgeous!!! I'll include here a couple of my favorites..

A gnome tree!! How cute is that?? 

Being that my family is obsessed with gnomes, had to get a pic!!

A Clue Tree? Who doesn't like the game Clue?


This tree was HUGE!!

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Friday, November 22, 2019

July 2019

My how time flies! It's November!

Instead of trying to capture the last few months in one post, I'm going to post about each month separately. I feel I can easily post more pics in each post too.

We went to Virginia Beach in to pick up the grands for our annual summer Logan and Emmy fix. We took the camper and decided to camp on the beach at First Landing State Park, and then bring them back with us to Ohio for a couple of weeks. Paul and I both decided that we NEVER want to camp again there in the summer. It was so hot that even in the evenings when we usually roast marshmallows and have s'mores, it was 98°!

Here are a few of my favorite pics from July..

We spent most of the day in the water. The sand..OH SO HOT!! You actually had to run to the water or you could wear your sandals and leave them at the water's edge.

Emmy running to the water and that's Logan out there in his kayak. 

Logan is sooo good at catching crabs in the dark. Yikes!
Playing the card game golf in the air conditioning. 

Managed to get some s'mores made, even in the heat.

Back home we took the kids to Swings N Things. It was nice this year and didn't rain.

Here comes Logan.

Emmy came with me to the Assisted Living where I call Bingo on Tuesdays. She was a big help and I think she had alot of fun. All the ladies made a fuss over her.

Emmy turns 11 on August 1st and since she loves Minnie Mouse...

Nice picture with Paul's dad. So glad he came for her birthday.

A few birthday gifts.

Emmy came with me to babysit Ellie. She's 3 months old!! Again we had fun times and Emmy got to swim in their pool.

I started on another pair of socks..

I took Emmy to the Chinese Lantern Festival at the zoo. We went with Bev and her friend Kelly. I just wish it started later because it doesn't get dark enough to actually enjoy the lights until after 8:30.

Kelly, Bev, Me and Emmy

Emmy's Chinese birthday is the Rat. 

This dinosaur actually moved it's head! 

Some of the lanterns were spectacular..like this walk through shark!

I made a walker bag for a lady at the Assisted Living..

Bev, Joanie and I went and saw the play "Come From Away". It was really GOOD.

We had ladies game night at Bev's and Emmy was invited. Bev had a white elephant game and sparklers!

Emmy was writing her name with her sparkler. 

I finally finished my Game of Thrones knit along. It's a wrap that to be honest I'll probably never wear. I may take it apart and use the yarn for a rectangle wrap. These triangle ones I just don't get it! LOL.

It's blocking and I added beads. 

My buddy Lisa came over to meet Elliott 💕

Well, if you've read through the whole post, thank you for letting me share my July with you. See you soon. 

As always, thanks for stopping by. 

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Project Life March 2019

Hey ya'll,

Feels good to commit a couple of hours each day in my craft room. Although it doesn't happen every day, the days that it does..YAY!

This week I've been working on March Project Life. Even though I'm not caught up with 2019 AT ALL, I knew I had a lot of photos because of the baby shower, and I wanted to capture it while fresh in my mind.

I used Becky Higgins Project Life App for the journaling cards and that was easy since they printed directly from my phone to my printer. I also used the Collect App for the photos that turn out like Polaroids..also print directly from my phone. I used Design A, Design F (cut down in half) and a 6x8 page protector for the invitation.

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