Monday, June 10, 2019


I was going to title this post Hello June, but I've got some cool things to say about May also.  I mentioned to Jenn and Dan that my friend knows of a girl starting high school and her name is Elliott but they call her Lottie. So, they love it and we're now calling her Lottie. Or sometimes Ellie and other times Elliott. Funny coincidence is Paul's great grandma is Lottie.

After Elliott was home for about a week and a half, Dan had to go back to work so I went and stayed with them for a week and then Paul did. It was a lot of fun!!

Willow was used to having her dad at home (since he took off two weeks) and she would go outside in the morning and sit by the shed and bask in the sun. I always thought she looked like she was waiting for dad to come home.

She's such a sweetheart.

Funny story about another one of Jenn and Dan's pets. You remember the feather mobile I made for Elliott's room? Well, Mojo LOVED it! Of course he did, he's a cat and what cat doesn't love feathers!

There are a few chewed and missing feathers. Adds a bit of Mojo character.

We had a duck in the front yard, under the blue spruce tree, lay eggs. Paul counted 17 at one point. Another duck must have laid their eggs there too. Paul had been watching everyday for the chicks to hatch. He couldn't wait and was a bit nervous that he'd get up one morning and they'd all be gone. Which actually did happen. All but one! So, this little chick was all by itself. I was at Jenn's and Paul was out of town when Debra called me and said there was one little chick all by itself and was shaking, and trying to follow her. She didn't want to "interfere" with Paul's eggs so to speak but she wanted to rescue the little duckling. We were thankful!! She landed up taking him home and put him in a box with a heating pad. The next day she took him to the nature center in Bay Village.

Not all the eggs were viable. Deb and family looked and they were empty. So, at lease this little guy will grow up.

Bev, Joanie and I went downtown to the theater in Playhouse Square to see "A Bronx Tale". First we stopped and had a light dinner and I introduced Joanie to Bubble Tea. She's never heard of it or tried it. She did like it!

I have lots of pictures of little Lottie.

I put out some oranges and jelly in the oriole feeder. Sure enough I saw a couple of them. It's hard to get good pictures though.

I started running again! I feel good about it as the whole reason I quit smoking all those years ago was because I wanted to become a runner. I absolutely HATE running in my neighborhood. The traffic is awful as everyone uses my street as a cut through to the main road. And outside of my development there aren't any walking paths or bike lanes etc. So I drive over to Avon Lake and run in the trail behind the library. After one of my runs I thought I'd check to see if there was a cache around. Sure enough!!

If you've never geocached before, I encourage you to do so! It is soooooo fun!

My Game of Thrones shawl is coming along. I absolutely love the yarn "White Walker" and decided to add some beads.

Paul took me to a fiber arts show a couple of weeks ago. I found this darling hat topper with yarn that I'll knit up for Lottie! I can't wait!

Paul and I went and helped Jenn with a garage sale last weekend. Wendy came into town so she came over and got to meet Elliott.

Guess what? I'm famous!! LOL!! Not really but someone in our neighborhood was looking for a picture of Maria's Flower Garden with the sunflowers, for a newspaper article in the Sandusky Register . They even gave me credit for the photo!

I know this is turning into a much longer post than I had planned...

Anyway, moving right along. My brother had given me a couple of stamp collecting albums that he got on his birthday when he was 14. I was thrilled actually since I used to help him put the stamps in.  But with my kids being so little etc. I never really got the chance to do anything with them. I ran across them a week or so ago.They were in such bad shape. I've probably had them for 25 or more years.

They were moldy and smelled bad. Not only that, they were literally falling apart! I looked online and found I could buy the covers separately from the pages!! Since Chris and I had filled some of the pages I certainly didn't want to separate them. So I bought 2 covers to replace the ones I have. And, they're an inch or inch and half larger so I can add pages if I want. These only go up until 1985.

It's a shame this page is torn but I do know what my mum wrote..what she always writes, "With best wishes Chris dear on your 14th birthday  1966 Mum & Dad

Putting the old pages in the new binder. 

brand spanking new!
I did buy some stamps and hinges. I only found 4 so far that go into the albums. These are so old I'm hoping I can find some more recent pages to add.

Paul's peonies are blooming and look beautiful!!

More pics of little Ellie..

That adorable little head of hair!! πŸ’“

Paul started organizing the garage. He recently got a Flow-wall system. Only a small part of it came in the mail. It will be nice when it's done..

Temporarily hung some stuff up. Waiting for rest of it to come.

So Jenn and Dan had a wedding to go to this weekend, and Paul and I got to BABYSIT!! While they were here, Debra and Emily, Bev and Dawn came over to meet Elliott. It was definitely fun showing her off.

Next time for sure I'll get pics of Debra and Emily. I was too easily sidetracked πŸ˜„

Then yesterday we headed over to see visit Paul's dad, Kathy and Amy.

And while babysitting I managed to get Elliott to smile...I am so in love πŸ’“πŸ’“

Looking forward to this coming weekend because Eric, Jessie and the kids are coming for Father's Day weekend. 

As always, thanks for stopping by.