Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Hi there!

Well it's Wednesday and I'm going to link up with Rachel for What I'm Loving Wednesday.. A big shout out to my friend  Jen for getting me started with the WILW.

I'm loving this video of Jenn & Dan's Wedding. Such a beautiful day! I have never seen my daughter SO happy. She's still giddy and loving every moment of every day with her hubby. It warms a mothers heart it does!

I'm loving that I'm almost done with my Campside Shawl! I am jazzed!! I'm just binding off and then I'll block it.

I'm loving that on October 1st, I will count my change! So, back on January 1st of this year, I started saving my pennies. I was going to start with a penny on day 1, then day 2 put in 2 pennies, day 3, 3 etc. Well I know I've mentioned this before that Paul said by the time I get to December, I'm not going to want to be putting $20 a week or so in the pot. So he suggested starting backwards with $3.65. It worked! I started with that on January 1st then I put in $3.64 on the 2nd and $3.63 on the 3rd and so on. Right now I'm down to .94 cents a day and it FEELS GREAT! So I WILL start again on January 1st. I bought a page a day journal and everyday I write the amount I need to put in the jar. So I'm excited for Saturday to get here...

I'm loving that we went to the Indians game. It was fan appreciate night and although we lost and left early, we still had a good time...

I'm loving taking Dory to lunch at Baker's Square...

and then to see the sunflowers at Maria's Field of Hope

I'm loving the Corned Beef Rissoles I made. A recipe from my mom that I just don't make often enough because it's a lot of work. Paul and I love them though and I made a big batch, enough to share a couple and have for dinner another night and then freeze some!

Yum! Super simple recipe: 6 large potatoes (for this recipe I used a 5lb bag), 1 onion chopped, 1 can corned beef, salt & pepper. Boil the potatoes. Mash them but don't use butter or cream. Add chopped onion, corned beef and salt & pepper. Form patties and roll in flour and fry them puppies up! YUM! Oh, I said that already.

I'm loving, a walker bag I made for a lady at the assisted living where I volunteer. The material I found is GORGEOUS! and if I ever make one for myself, I hope to find the same material. It has shiny silver flowers and one of my favorite green! Oh my!

Believe me when I say, I have TONS that I'm loving right now and I can go on and on but I won't. I'll save some for next Wednesday.

What are YOU loving right now?

I'll post again soon. As always...

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Vacation with the grands...Part III - Holden Arboretum and Cedar Point

The last part of our vacation with Logan and Emmy is finally going to be blogged about today but first...

I just want to sneak in a shout out to a cool news you can use button I've added to my blog. See on the right "The Skimm"? Well this little gem (if you click on the link and sign up) will give you the latest daily snippets of WHAT'S IMPORTANT today. I love it! Every morning I get The Skimm emailed to me and it gives me the news without all the other fluff that I don't need nor do I want. I just want what's enough to keep me in the loop without all the gory details or opinions. And, if you sign up using the link here on my blog, I may eventually get a freebie like a teapot or something..who knows? LOL.

Holden Arboretum July 18th

We took Logan and Emmy to The Holden Arboretum where they have a tower and cool cat walk (I call it anyway) bridge. It was pretty warm as we climbed all the 102 steps to the top of the tower!

We then walked the bridge (which is not connected to the tower).

Cedar Point July 20th

So on the last leg of our vacation with Logan and Emmy we took them to the amusement park Cedar Point. Emmy likes coasters, Logan (like me) does not. We had lots of fun and Logan went on the big Ferris Wheel with Paul and Emmy...NOT ME! 

Paul and Emmy ARE up there somewhere



There they are, waiving

So, we've been told and have seen videos of other parks and attractions the kids have taken Logan and Emmy to and whenever a volunteer is asked for...LOGAN gets picked! Cedar Point was no different. We went into a saloon (kid friendly obviously) and they needed a couple of volunteers. So, here's a little video of Logan in the saloon play...

There's Paul (with his hands up) and Emmy
We also went to Menchies and went to the movies and saw "Secret Life of Pets". We had so much fun and can't wait to have Logan and Emmy again next year!! As always...