Thursday, April 28, 2016

Video of my scrap room...

Hi to my two blog viewers! Welcome LOL.

Today is my day off from work and volunteering so I decided to scrap! Not Project Life but scrap a page.

I did make a little video of my scrap space if you're interested.

This was a trial and error kind of thing. At first I used my DSLR and man was that BLURRY! My Nikon D90 doesn't record in HD I guess. But my iPhone sure does :) AND, I can't believe I said the paper had glitters on it! Glitters? LOL. Oh well. Maybe I'll do another video and replace this one.

As always...

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

What I'm Lovin' Wednesday...

Lots and lots of things to love!! Well, it's been two weeks so I've accumulated some things...

1. I am LOVING the blooms!! Everything around my yard is so colorful (thanks to Paul who plants the plants).

This year we only planted a few tulips in the front yard because the deer love them but the ones we planted out in the back are doing great!..

Now I can't take pictures of the tulips when it's late in the afternoon because they close up if there isn't full sun. Paul planted some amazing daffodils that blow my mind. I've had vase after vase in the kitchen..

These are in a cluster of 3

These are also in a 3 flower cluster
Our trees are also blooming..

This one didn't bloom last year so I'm so pleased!
A close up of the blossoms

This is a new little flowering plum tree in the front. I think it's going to do nicely!

2. Cupcake class!! Here I am trying to loose weight! Remember the cookie class? Well at that time, Bev and I signed up for a cupcake class too!

Bev and I with our masterpieces!

Now the sad thing is, on the way home I didn't see the stop sign and kind of put the brakes on too hard. Well my cupcakes were on the back seat. I just thank God I just bought this really cool carrier with a lid. 
Me and my sad face in Bev's driveway after the stop sign.
There are no words.
Paul was so sweet when I came home. I was totally bummed. He said good thing I wasn't making them for someone as a gift or they'd think I really sucked at the cupcake decorating class. We had a good laugh and busted out the milk. 

3. Found some adorable hats online with crocheted flowers. I decide to knit one for my nieces daughter (my great niece) Macie. I won't be doing that again as the crocheting really wrecks havoc with my arthritis and my hands. So my niece, Beckie measured Macie's head for me and I decided to surprise Beckie with a hat too! She was surprised and sounded delighted. 

Beckie told me Macie's favorite color is purple.

I made Beckie's with pink flowers
Now just look at the little sparkle and sequins in the gray yarn. How cute is that? 
Beckie said Macie loved it so much, she wore it to school! Now that's the best compliment anyone could get!

Isn't she adorable?
4. Ok, so my Mystery knit along for the Downton Abbey Shawl was NOT fun. I did not like the pattern at all. But! I did come across this AMAZING shawl online called the "Campsite Shawl". WELL! We just bought a pop up camper and I immediately fell in love with this shawl..and it's name! So I went to the yarn shop and found this scrumptious yarn! 
See the word "cashmere"? I am in LOVE!!! It's heaven to knit with too.
The beginnings of my Campsite shawl

5. And my favorite LOVE for this Wednesday is the fact that Logan and Emmy went to Florida and the World Of Harry Potter. They both got "chosen" to come into the wand shop. I didn't know that only certain kids get picked, but anyway, Eric video taped them getting their wands. When I saw it I was teary eyed!! Logan and Emmy were enthralled!! Here it is and it's a little dark in the beginning but stick with it....

So what are you LOVING this Wednesday?

As always...

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

What I'm Lovin' Wednesday!

Hi ya'll,

Check out the link on the right, WILW would ya? Here's some things I'm lovin' this Wednesday...

1. My hubby!

 He's taken such good care of me for the last week and half. I've been feeling so sick, with sore throat one day, headache and stuffed head and tiredness the next, ear aches, name it! He's ALWAYS been there for me but he deserves a big shout out! I LOVE HIM!!

2. Our veterinarian! Dr. Julie Letosky

My poor Winston has been suffering with a benign tumor on his rear-end and horrible breath. Well he turns 14 this Saturday and Paul and I have been struggling with having him go under general anesthetic so we've been reluctant, but Dr. Letosky helped put our minds at ease. She did a fabulous job and also removed 3 warts that he had. She just took out his stitches on Monday and you don't even see the old wart that was on his nose. Also, she didn't overcharge us for fact it all came to less than what we thought! She's the best! 

3. New postcards arrived from my exchange. I'm really enjoying this correspondence with people from all over the world. When I get a postcard in the mail, it just makes my day! 

From China

China back
Czech Republic
Czech Republic back
Hamburg back
Cancun back
Germany back

4. I found this very cool app called 1SE "1 Second Everyday". I watched the video and I was fascinated by it! You take a little video snippet of your day...everyday. Then at the end of the month, you can watch a 30 second video of your life for that month! How cool is that? 
So I tried it and here are my snippets for March....

I'm still not feeling well, maybe 65%. So although there's lots to love right now, I'm going to leave it at these. As always...

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Hello April!!

It's been a busy week. We went to see the grands in Virginia Beach and I caught a cold or something on Saturday. Needless to say I was sicker than a dog on Easter Sunday and we didn't go to my daughter in law's sisters house so we didn't get to see the kids hunt for eggs. We did get to watch them look for some around the house that morning so that was nice.

We arrived on Friday night and here's some pics of our trip...

Saturday morning we colored eggs

Saturday afternoon we went to Busch Gardens

While Paul, Emmy, Eric & Jess rode a roller coaster, Logan and I went to the arcade. This kid made out! The little pink pig was a win for Emmy.

Easter morning the kids enjoyed their baskets full of goodies and what grandparents don't get their grands some crude and funny stuff?

Toilet bowls with silly putty that makes fart sounds!

A game of chance. Spin the spinner and then pick a jelly bean hoping it tastes good LOL!

Eric got one that tasted like skunk spray....ewww!
So Monday and Tuesday Eric & Jess went to work and Paul and I got Logan and Emmy to ourselves. We went to the movies and saw Zootopia (second time for all except Paul). It's a cute and funny movie about a bunny cop. In one scene she uses her iPhone flashlight and instead of an apple on the back of the phone, there's a carrot! Too cute.

We went to Mount Trashmore park and the kids got to fly their little copter things we got them for Easter..

We also took them to play Putt-Putt...

All in all it was a great time, except I'M STILL SICK :( I really hope Logan and Emmy don't get it and since it's been a week, if they don't have it by now I don't think they will.

I'm hoping to write more in a few days. Just not feeling well. Take care and as always...