Sunday, January 22, 2012

Thanks for stopping by!

This morning has been a fun, interesting, and productive few hours so far! I actually set my alarm to 6:30..that's right, I set my alarm for Sunday morning to get up that early so I could reserve a prime campsite at Mohican State Park for July! I found out the other day that they don't allow reservations prior to exactly 6 months at 7:00 am for any of the state park campgrounds in Ohio. You wouldn't believe what people do to get a good campsite! It's complicated and I won't bore you with how people beat the system but it was worth getting up early and not beating the system to get our site.  It's not a big deal though since I'm usually up early anyway..don't want to waste a minute of my weekend!!

Since I've been part of the Project Life now for a couple of weeks, I've discovered some VERY cool people! I've added them and links to my blog. One couple I discovered turned out to be...hmmm, I'm not sure exactly! I'm not sure who they are or what exactly they do! I do know that when I went to their blog this morning and the first thing I saw were these adorable