Sunday, March 6, 2016

Project Life February 2016

Notice I did not post a What I'm loving Wednesday because Wednesday I wasn't really loving much. That was the day I had my first "procedure" where the prep is God awful! They ain't lyin!! But anyway, I'm great and I don't have to have the "procedure" again for 10 years! Yippee!

So, on to the important stuff LOL! Did I say I was going to try and stay caught up? Yep! I finished February today and hope to work a little on 2015. You may notice I'm trying different formats. In January I doodled a bit around the edges of the photos with a black pen. This time I'm trying a white border, which many people find "clean". But probably only if you use minimal color. As you can see my February block is pretty bright :)

Feel free to give your opinion on the white borders. As always...

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