Thursday, August 25, 2011

Very productive day. I went to see Peggy and worked on looking for photos to scrap. Even though we didn't actually cut any paper or paste anything down, she still enjoyed herself and considered it a "scrappy" day. Not sure if I posted this picture of the two of us in a previous post or not. We went to Baker's Square for lunch one day and I got the waitress (do they still call them that?..server?) to take this picture of us.
I'm hoping to get Wendy to come over to Peggy's and take our picture while we scrap. I think Diane would love that. Peggy's Alzheimer's seems to be progressing rather's just too sad.

On a lighter note, Eric seems to be having waaaay too much fun with the camera settings on his Droid. I will for sure have to ask him for pointers. This picture was taken while they were at the park. People were flying kites and Eric just happened to have a couple in his trunk.
Emmy flying a kite!
Love the color and crispness of this photo he took. Another awesome shot of Emmy...
Covering a shell to hide for later.
Too sweet!! I love the colors of this one too. He's getting great at composition also! With the bad storm we had last night, Eric and family were without power for most of the day. We had them over for dinner. I did go into the office after lunch with Jenn, but the office was without power all day too so it looks like my plans to scrap and knit tomorrow are going to wait until after I get things done there. Speaking of lunch with Jenn, we went to the Tree House in Avon. Quaint little antique shop with amazing lunches. I had the lobster bisque and strawberry salad...yum! and Jenn had the chicken/artichoke soup and turkey salad. Both were delish!! We did have to deal with some pesky bees while trying to eat out on the little patio.

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