Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Trick or Treat!

We had a great time trick or treating with the kids. We had hors-doeuvres at Eric & Jessie's first.

Jessie's cupcakes were delicious!
Logan showing his Wolverine blades!
Super Girl (Emmy), Wolverine (Logan) and Capt' America (Steve)
Ironman (Eric), Wolverine (Logan) and Capt' America (Steve)
The Incredible Hulk (Jenn's BF Toby)
My AWESOME Super Hero Family!! 
Super Girl running for more candy!
Wolverine running to the next house!
My beautiful baby girl as Cat Woman! 

Capt' America gives The Hulk a right hook LOL!

Ironman gets in on the action!

Wolverine walking with his super hero dad!
My lovely daughter-in-law Jess as Rogue
My Awesome Super Hero Kids!!! Eric, Jenn, & Steve!


  1. What an awesome SUPER family you have. It looks like everyone had fun!

  2. wow, how cool! so glad you all had a super fun halloween. their costumes were so nice.