Saturday, December 10, 2011


Well what a blast NYC was!! First Wendy took me to Woodstock. What a great, fun place! I swear the people that own the little shops are the ones that were at the Woodstock concert, only now they have bad teeth and long gray hair LOL!
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The Blues Brothers!

Lots of shoppes..Wok "N" Roll LOL! 
 The next day, we headed to NYC where we had tickets to see "Wicked".
We got lucky and our hotel was right across the street from the Gershwin Theater! All I can say is I now know why people see Wicked multiple times! I will definitely go again if it comes to Cleveland again!
We got a wonderful view from our hotel. Wendy scored us a room at the Hampton Inn with her points, right in the heart of the city!
What a gorgeous view from our room! 
We went to the Rockefeller Center and I don't think the photos really show the size of that tree!
After 3 days (well, actually the 1st) I was hating this heavy wool coat and missing my North Face!

We also spent some time at the top of the "Rock" and got some fabulous views.

I didn't realize how HUGE Central Park is!
We went to Macy's on 34th Street. What an amazing store and a magical time to be there!! I can't describe how gorgeous the displays in the store were. The word "Believe" came alive in lights every few seconds all over the place, whether it was outside on the building or inside hanging from the ceilings! 9 floors of shopping bliss!!

We landed up in Times Square on Saturday night by accident and we were thrilled!! The lights, the sights, the sounds and the hustle and bustle of it all was so different from my little corner of the world in Ohio. An all around wonderful, fun experience that I'll never forget!

Here's a link to the Picassa album where I've posted all the pics.


  1. Oh looks like a fabulous time!!!! I am traveling 'thru' you... ;) NYC is on my 'bucket list'. I will have to check out the rest of your album.

  2. Love your photos Val...isn't it just so pretty this time of year... too funny how we both got to be there this year:) Happy Holidays my friend!