Saturday, March 24, 2012

Can you say "ACCESSORIZE"?

Emmy is at that fun age where she likes to wear stickers on her clothes, lots of jewelry, bling headbands and sunglasses! Anything goes!
Every day is something new and fun with Logan and Emmy. We were hanging plastic Easter eggs on bushes in the front yard and Logan found a tiny little egg. Emmy came up to me batting her little eyelashes and said she wanted a cute tiny egg too. So, we looked in the bag and found one. It was pink and Emmy said she wanted a purple one. I said and I quote "sometimes we have to make do". Well!!!!!!!! Logan's head whips around and Emmy gets wide eyed and asks "how do make that"?? Logan says "yea, MiMi! How do you make DO?" I couldn't stop laughing!!


  1. funny! kids say the funniest things. plus you got a fashionista on your hands.

  2. ROFL!!!! That is great!!! Sounds like your Emmy and my Sara should get together and put together their accessory line....