Sunday, April 29, 2012

One door closes, another opens..

Kind of how I feel today about Stephen, my middle DS moving out. He reminds me constantly that it's time. He's right of course. He promises to come by..often.
Then there's the empty bedroom that now can become my scrap-room. I'm feeling a bit apprehensive about it for some reason. I've had my scrap-room down in the basement now for well over 5 years.

I'm used to the flow I've created with the built in bookcase and having my table face the room instead of the wall (which I don't think I'll be able to do in the bedroom). 

I'm also used to the sink always available for cleaning up my ink and chalk messes. I am looking forward to painting the bedroom a granny smith green though and I feel I will get tons more scrapping done with the natural light coming from the 2 windows. I've noticed over time that I find it very difficult to scrap in the basement on a sunny day.


  1. Change is good!! The sunshine from the bedroom will give you lots of inspiration!! Can't wait to see the latest pieces of brilliance Mom. Love you! Get outta the basement :)

  2. Val you changed your blog! It looks nice! Also, I like you scrap area and I know you will enjoy your new one too. But this room is so spacious and neat, I could work there for a while. How about when you get your new room, I will take the basement! :) LOL!

  3. Val, it's nice to see your scraproom. I hope you enjoy it upstairs. I'll bet you'll find yourself in it more often. BTW I love the little fish on the side of your blog. I'm sending Angie a link so Sammie can feed the fish!