Saturday, December 15, 2012

A sad farewell.

It saddens me to say that my dear friend Carol Krasin passed away early this morning on her 65th birthday.

I will miss her. I will miss the days we would go to Lenny's Deli for a grilled cheese and I always got an iced tea and she a Coke. I miss the day's when I worked at the office with her and EVERY morning she came in and said "Hey you." We'd share a laugh or some gossip or family drama. She was an awesome real estate agent. She LOVED her clients like they were family. She was always looking out for them, never the sale or the listing but the client. They came first.
She was the person I learned to knit with. We took a knitting class at the shop "Birds of a Feather" in Avon and we just knew we were the only ladies that didn't actually know how to knit LOL! But we learned and we loved going to yarn shops together. We were both so sad when The Knitting Garden closed their doors.

She was the person I saw Titanic with along with other movies, she loved going to the movies! 
Here I am a scrapbooker, a memory keeper, a photo fanatic and I don't have one picture of the two of us together. Shame on me! I will always regret that. Now I'll probably bug the crap out of all my family and friends to stand next to me while I get someone (anyone) to take our picture! That's what photos are for...MEMORIES! I actually went to her Facebook page and copied pics to post on here, how sad is that?

Anyway, I'm going to go have another cry now. My prayers and thoughts are with her beautiful family.
She will truly be missed. Rest in peace my friend, rest in peace. xoxox


  1. Beautiful Val, in so many ways. Thanks for capturing our wonderful friend!

  2. such a sweet tribute to your friend. So sorry for your loss. Girl use some made scrapbooking skills (or Photoshop) and put your two faces together! You know you'll always carry a piece of her inside your heart so make a page to remember that.

  3. Knew you would create something beautiful cause that is who You are. My memories are of how she helped us and our kids find homes. How hard she worked. The laughs in the office, her love of her kids and Delaney. Will miss her kind words. Will always remeber our last lunch together in the sunshine at her favorite place to eat.

    1. Oh I know! That's why I asked you and Arlene for the pics from our lunch that day. I wanted to post them here. Damn! Thanks for your kind words my friend.