Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Curve Ball..

Yep, Chris was thrown a huge curve ball. Last weekend he had some horrible chest pains and was talking to Deb on the phone while she was driving home from work. Since she's a nurse and he was in excruciating pain, she had the ambulance come and take him to the ER. Come to find out, he was having a heart attack!
This just blows all our minds. I mean a heart attack?? REALLY?? He has a heart attack on the weekend before he's suppose to start radiation.
Needless to say, in the ambulance he just looks up-waaaaay up, and says to God "why not take me now? What kind of games are you playing? I really don't see the point in wasting precious time with something not even remotely related to that which I'm dying from".

So, the Dr.'s put a stint in and now he has to wait until later in this week to start the radiation. Wendy and Marnie will be visiting him next weekend and I'm going to go during the week of the 26th. Deb will be working a couple of days while I'm there and it will be good to have somewhere home with him while she's gone.

His liver is really acting up as of Friday. He's swollen and jaundiced and the ammonia levels are getting high. When he swells up, he can't lie down to sleep because his organs are getting squeezed and he finds it difficult to breathe.

Seems like the cancer is being pretty aggressive. We're all praying he doesn't have to suffer. I think that's what everyone prays for when a loved one is terminally ill.

Bye for now. I'm going to go hug any family member in sight and count my blessings (may take all night).


  1. Thinking of all of you and praying for peace and comfort. Norma

    1. Thank you so much Norma! Very much appreciated.