Friday, April 26, 2013

It's the little and BIG things!

I started jogging with Chris and we're on the 3rd week of the C25K program. This morning as we headed out it was BRISK to say the least at a cool 31 degrees. The sun was shining and all the frost on the lawns were so pretty to see. I told Chris (Toby) that running outside means you get to see all the little things close-up and they all change over the course of the year. From the daffodils, the Canadian geese babies, the bright orange and red hues of leaf colors in the fall and even the little tiny drops of frost on the blades of grass. That's why I had to go out to the front yard this morning and get down on the ground and snap a shot before it all melted in the sun.'s the BIG things in life too that matter. Like my new home! I haven't posted pics on my blog yet because I wanted it to be a surprise when Wendy came home. Well, she's been home since last month so I think I should take the time to show it off.
Not all the pics are from me, (still setting up and unpacking boxes) some are going to be stock photos from the real estate agent but I will note those that are. So....

This is a stock photo but it looks pretty much like this right now except the bushes. 
This is the front hall and staircase taken from the great room in the back of the house. 
My amazing kitchen! I pinch myself everyday!

Our gorgeous master bath! (stock photo). Yes, that is a walk in closet back there :)

We have a beautiful brick patio that we're excited to get some use out of this summer! (stock photo).
As always....


  1. The little things ARE important! It's fun to watch time change things.
    Your home! Oh my goodness!!! I LOVE it! I am incredibly jealous of your kitchen and master bath. Save me a chair on the patio... ;)
    I hope you're settling in nicely and enjoying your new surrounding.

  2. Val, I somehow must have deleted your email before I got a chance to respond.
    I can't even find your email address in my contacts. Would you mind sending it to me again. I miss seeing you on 2peas. Your home looks so beautiful. You deserve and the others you've invited to stay. You are an angel to Wendy and your dd!
    Thanks, Nylene

  3. What an awesome home! I love that kitchen! Oh my
    GF you hit the jackpot with this one! Just gorgeous!