Monday, May 27, 2013

Chris and Jenn get hitched rustic style!

Saturday May 25th was the perfect setting for my baby girls' wedding day! Blue skies, a green meadow and the love of family and friends in abundance!! Just perfect! Here are some photos I got from some friends and a couple that the photographer emailed to Jenn.

Paul walking his little girl down the isle.

The happy couple..oh yea!

Eric, Jessica, Emmy (flower girl) and Logan (sign bearer). 
Emmy and Logan running to catch up with the bridal party for picture taking. 
Me, Jennifer and my sister Wendy.
Jennifer with our neighbor Joe, who definitely came appropriately dressed!
I'm so happy that Jenn and Chris got their rustic, beautiful, outdoor wedding and it went smoothly!
As always....


  1. Val!!!! What great pics and a fun wedding! She looked so happy and beautiful and so did you. Thanks for sharing these. Just wonderful!

  2. Wow, terrific. Looking good everyone. It just so happens that May 25th is our granddaughter's birthday, so naturally a wonderful day. They look so happy...

  3. Great pictures-it looks like a wonderful day. Congrats to the happy couple!

    Ps: You looked extrabeautiful, I love your dress.