Thursday, July 11, 2013

Jenn got her FISH!

Not sure if I posted about Jenn and Chris's honeymoon and the HUGE sailfish Jenn caught while deep-sea fishing in Cancun. Looking at photos, I think I might have turned green in the rough water. This thing weighed 90 lbs and was over 7' long!! Even the captain said it was the largest fish he'd seen caught on his boat and he'd been captain for 33 year!

Check out the rough water!

So, without a question she had it mounted. It arrived yesterday in a huge box which now sits in the garage (temporarily).

They (the taxidermist) asked her if she wanted the sail fin fixed and evened out and she said absolutely not, I want just the way it was when I caught it.

Way to go baby girl!!

As always....


  1. Hang over the bed? Or living room wall? LOL That is something else.

  2. OMG Val! What a great honeymoon story and gift they will have forever. I am with you, those tossing waves would of turned me a "brownish green". LOL! They did a great job preserving it. It looks beautiful and so colorful. Wow!

  3. That is fantastic and amazing! What a great honeymoon story.