Thursday, September 12, 2013

Our Michigan Trip

Well it's over a week into September and I'm just now getting to write. Life is crazy hectic here! Paul and I did get to take a nice 4 day vacation and drive up to Michigan. We just couldn't get over how BEAUTIFUL it is there!! Michigan has always been a huge rival with Ohio in sports and everything but I have to tell ya, I have a whole new outlook with a lot of respect for that place!! We got to enjoy our little vacation with a couple of friends, Joe and Diane. First we went to Mackinaw Island and rented bikes to use to explore. The 4 of us at first got tandem bikes. We thought that would be really FUN! NOT! The tallest person has to be in front so that meant Paul and Joe were the "drivers". Joe & Di took off first and when we caught up with them Diane said "THIS IS NOT FUN! I WANT MY OWN BIKE!" I was thinking the exact same thing and I was so glad she said that because if she hadn't, I was going to. We went back to the bike rental place and all got our own bikes. We rode around the 4 mile island and it was truly delightful.
A few pics out of the mass...

Diane & Joe
Mackinac Bridge

I'd like to paint this (if I ever learn how to paint)

The cars allowed

Our first hotel (I think it was a Comfort Inn) had a great view out the back. Paul and Di went for an early morning run and I enjoyed a cup of coffee and got some great sunrise pics...

We had some great food at little local pubs and cafe's....
My first try at White was yummy!

This was a delicious steak concoction

We went to Harbor Springs, Petoskey, Charlevoix and Traverse City. We climbed Dunes, ate fudge, and walked around quaint little towns. One of the things we noticed was how crystal clear Lake Michigan is. Absolutely gorgeous!! 

One of the beach locations had a huge 450' drop down and we saw some people climbing up as well as going down. Paul was contemplating going down and then Joe and Di also thought about it. It never even crossed my mind, not something I would want to do. The 3 of them took the plunge. I didn't even see them after they went down about 1/3 of the way because it was steep after that point. I didn't see them until about 1/2 an hour later coming up the grassy side to my left. 
These people are close to the top.
The grassy side they came up. 
When they finally made it back up, Paul said when he first made it to the bottom his stomach had that pit feeling and he had thought to himself, what the hell did I just get myself into? I'm just glad they made it back up and safely.

On this trip I found my first Geocache!!! We also searched for and found a couple more.
Yes, it was around here somewhere :)
We visited some wineries. That was a lot of fun! 

One of our favorite places to visit was the Meijer Gardens. The sculptures were amazing!! 

We couldn't believe this statue was bronze!!!!!!

It sure looked like wood to us! 
We saw lots of flowers but not a lot of wildlife. It was a little strange since here in Ohio there are critters EVERYWHERE. Had a great time though. 

As always....


  1. Oh wow - what a wonderful trip! Michigan is still on our list of places to see.
    Thanks for sharing all your lovely photos.

  2. What a fantastic time you had! Who would of thought Michigan had sand dunes??? That looked so cool. Oh and the sun rise pics were amazing! So glad you got to go and thanks for sharing it with us. Have a nice weekend Val!