Thursday, October 3, 2013

It's October!

Yep, October 3rd to be exact. I've started decorating for Halloween. October to me starts the prelude to my FAVORITE holiday...Christmas! Not that I'm not excited about Halloween, as my co-worker from my secretarial days called HER favorite holiday (it's also her birthday) but Christmas for some reason I gear up for all year LOL! Well, it's October so enough about the "other" holiday.

Banana anyone?

You know it's that time of year around my house when I bust out the Longerberger Candy Corn basket and fill it with dry roasted peanuts and candy corn!! I got this idea from my sister in law Sue, many-many years ago and we just turned it into a Halloween tradition! 
Going to start decorating the outside. As always....


  1. Such cute decorations! I am sure the kids love it too. I am with you though. Christmas is one of my favs too. Can't believe it is a few months away. Time flies so fast these day.

  2. Your decorations are wonderful. I can't ever seem to find my Halloween spirit. I just enjoy everyone else's decorating.