Friday, November 1, 2013

3rd Annual Halloween Party!

Wow! What an amazing, hectic, spooky and fun time!! 3rd year doing this with Joe and Diane and it was a lot of fun. We seem to learn new things and try different things each year and I do believe it's getting better and better!

The butcher shop in the kitchen LOL

Joe got really creative with some dolls!
The dining room chandelier

I couldn't believe the outstanding and creative costumes people came up with!! Oh my...

Our hosts Joe and Diane also known as "before and after lol! 


Steve and Sarah as Beauty and the Beast
Me and Wendy (looking mean or miserable?). 
Wendy's (Medusa's) awesome job with the snakes in her hair! 
Lisa and Steve made the perfect couple! I thought they should have won best costume!
Jenn's carved pumpkin
My carved pumpkin
As always...

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