Saturday, December 27, 2014

After Christmas...

Well it's just a couple of days after Christmas. I had a great one. A bit different from years past as the grands weren't here for the first time and Paul and I also had an empty house. Still, it was nice just the two of us.
I was so busy over the holidays I didn't get a chance to post some of my baking. I baked a lot! I made the regulars; peanut butter crinkles (with the Hershey kiss), chocolate walnut puffs, & magic cookie bars. This year for Sue's party I decided to make some cupcakes. They're made with peppermint oil and crushed candy canes. I also bought some sugar sprinkles to spruce them up a bit..

I've also been knitting Christmas gifts. Now that I've given them to the recipients, I can post pictures! Yay!

Here's a keyhole scarf I made for my daughter in law with a little headband to match..
The headband has a few beads in it. 

This is a keyhole scarf and some fingerless mittens I made for my friend Bev. The gloves I made with hand dyed yarn from our trip to NY. I LOVE the yarn. Hopefully I have enough left to knit a little something for me :)

And my last knitted gift was for the coffee drinkers in my life, a coffee mug sleeve for my sister and sister in law.

We went to the Christmas Story House in Cleveland on Christmas Eve. Paul and I took Jennifer and her bf Dan. All of us except Jenn had never been. We do LOVE the movie though and I came home with an awesome leg lamp that fits perfect in my upstairs windows. Paul says it looks like a beacon! LOL!

New Years more! I must wrap my head around the idea of blogging without pictures. Seriously, they aren't necessary!
As always...

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