Sunday, September 20, 2015

England Scrapbook

While Paul and I were in the train station in London, we had a little while to wait before catching the train to Liverpool. There was a shop called Paperchase. Well, if there's a store with the word paper or books, I'm all over that! And knitting, scrapbooking, writing etc. Anyway. I went in and couldn't believe my eyes. There was a scrapbook with the outside being the tube (subway) routes on the front and back! I immediately fell in love!

High Street Kensington was where our hotel was and Hyde Park was right across the street! 

We got off at Victoria stop! How cool is that to have these stops on the scrapbook? 

I bought a white pen to journal with to go with my black pages.
I can't wait to get started!! As always...

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