Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!

I have to admit, yesterday I had a mini breakdown. I was driving to the store and a favorite song of my brothers came on the radio. Crying while driving and digging in my purse for a tissue..yea that happened.
This is my absolute favorite time of year with Christmas being my favorite holiday, but with that comes some emotional turmoil for me. I miss my family more this time of year than any other. With my mom, dad, brother Chris, sister Kim and her son Michael all passed away, it just sucks when these feelings wash over me this time of year. Possibly because every year we would spend Christmas Eve at my mom's house and everyone would gather around the fire, drink and eat mince pies and exchange gifts. It was magical to me. Even with all the sibling rivalry and fighting LOL. Then in 1986, Paul and I moved to Ohio and ever since then I yearned for the Christmas Eves from the past. Some years I was lucky enough to drag Paul and the kids back to Mississippi for that nostalgic feeling. Most years up here we went to Paul's dads house. It wasn't a planned get together. Just something we did and sometimes Paul's sisters or brother showed up while we were there or as we were leaving. They don't drink (not that that's important mind you), and they don't exchange gifts with us. We did have some home made cookies that Kathy made. So I was most emotional those years but now that my kids are grown, I'm going to have Christmas Eve at my house every year. I may have mentioned that last year here on my blog. Anyway, it will be even better when Steve and Jenn have kids and we have some grandkids running around on Christmas Eve...just like at my moms. I don't make mince pies but that might be something I'll do in the future.

Mom and Michael '08
Mom and Chris
Kim, Robbie and Michael..happy bunch LOL
Kim '09

So, now that I have that out of my system it's time to get my shit together and have a bad ass Thanksgiving with Steve, Brandy, her parents, grandma and sister, Jenn and Dan, Bev, Tom and Bev's sister. I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving too. xoxo

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  2. I hope you are finding some joy in this season! It seems loved ones are more deeply missed this time of year.