Friday, April 14, 2017

We did it!

On April 2nd, Paul and I went to Painsville and got us a puppy! The lady had 2 males left and this one stole Paul's heart..

We named him Bentley. He was 14 weeks when we picked him up and almost 3 lbs. He really has turned our sad house into a non-stop frenzy of excitement and happiness. For Paul and I anyway. Kitty isn't thrilled at all and just hisses and growls everytime Bentley comes near him.

Now Toby is a different matter. He seems to tolerate him much more and even makes Bentley chase him once in a while. He's only hissed at him a couple of times. I am hoping that they'll become friends.

I had to go to Amazon (amazing place btw) and buy him a harness as there are not any pet stores that carry one so small. He does like to run around and he's fast so the harness and leash is becoming a must for potty breaks. I have taken him down the sidewalk a couple of times to tire him out if I need to go somewhere, I'd rather have him tired in his crate so he can have a nice nap.

Bentley meets Jenn for the first time 😊

So we are in love. As always...


  1. Awww what an adorable muttling. I'd love to have one but we travel too much. Love his name!!!

  2. Oh what a fun surprise! He is a cute pup and I know he will bring y'all more joy. So adorable!