Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Happy New Year!!

It's officially 2018! I am working from home today but thought I'd take a break and post some fun pics of our New Years Eve party. Small, fun group!!

My sister Wendy came
My buddy Bev and I...I LOVE HER HAT!!!

This bottle is as creepy as it gets...
You download an app and the photo on the bottle comes to life!! 

We played Left Right Center...
Bev rollin'

Wendy won!!

Lisa casting a spell on the dice
A lot of standing in this dice game LOL!

Wendy mentioned that my billiard chairs looked like electric chairs! They kinda do. Tom just happened to have a hat that looks so much like an electrocution hat, complete with lights and buzzing sounds!! I couldn't believe it. I had to get my pic taken with this thing.

So Ashley wanting to put a pic on the front of a bottle of Twisted Tea, got a cool pic to submit.

Holding her bottle of Twisted Tea while getting electrocuted! LOL. 

One of my favorite pics!
And I woke up on New Years Day and got a very nice surprise from my Apple Watch (man do I love that thing!!)

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