Sunday, September 30, 2018

August This N That..


Just stopping by to post some randomness from August. I went to Kelley's Island for our yearly Bunco game at Molly's, but I'm waiting for permissions to post pictures of my friends before I post about it.

First up, Paul and I celebrated our 43rd wedding anniversary by going to see Keith Urban in concert at Blossom Music Center! OMG!! It was amazing!!

At the beginning of the concert he asked how everyone was doing in different sections of the music center. The right, left, center and out in the grass. He said he'd be visiting the peeps in the grass later...and he did! Right behind us and he landed up giving away his guitar to a very excited young lady!

Paul, Steve and Ashley put a primer on the pergola. We painted it white and I think it turned out quite good.

The little Animal Crackers we all grew up with and love, got a new look. The animals are no longer in cages. This is some important shit going on! Animal rights activists have got to be thrilled...

 In my opinion, they weren't actually in cages. They were in train cars and the boxes we got as kids had little wheels that folded down. Oh well, they look happy 😉.

I'll end this post with some pics of Toby and Bentley...

Take me with you!

Bentley got a much needed bath.
Bentley and his bestie, Sawyer.
I try to walk him to the park every day. It's a mile there and back.

Now this little guy Bentley always flips his little beds. He likes to sleep in them upside down but I've never seen him do it with a rug.
Upside down bed in my craft room.
Toby loves "our" time after Bentley goes to bed with Paul.

As always...

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