Monday, April 19, 2021


 Ugh! It's been months!! So, let's go back to February and try to catch up month by month. 

Our little man Ethan turned a month old on the 16th. What a sweetheart he is! 

And...after mourning my Toby for 6 months and realizing I can talk about him without balling my eyes out, I decided it was time to give love to another cat. This time we decided to get 2. When I called the shelter asking about a little boy kitten, the lady told me he wasn't great around kids. Well, that fell apart quickly. She said she had a little calico named Sparkles that was available. Well, I've always wanted a calico kitty. She mentioned that the kitten had become quite attached to another female kitten that was really shy. They thought Sparkles would help the other kitten socialize etc. 
So, Paul and I took the drive to Fenton, MI. 

We both fell in love with these 2. Took us a week or so to actually come up with names for them. As their personalities began to show, we knew the calico would be Arya, from Game Of Thrones. 


And the other little doll we named Katniss, from The Hunger Games. 


Both are named after female bad asses 😁 This is the first time we've ever had females, cats or dogs.

We had a big concern with Bentley. He's sooo jealous and has a terrible time with anyone new entering the house. So, we set up the spare bedroom with some toys for Katniss and Arya, the connecting bathroom had their litter and food and water. We decided to keep them in there and gradually introduce them to Bentley.
Well, after just a few hours, we opened the door with a baby gate put in place hoping if the kittens needed to get away from Bentley they could easily hop the gate whereas Bentley could not. It went SURPRISINGLY well! Katniss was very reluctant but Arya was so curious about the house this long haired dude. He got pretty excited and is now best buds with Arya.

Jenn, Dan, Elliott and Ethan came over. Elliott got such a kick of playing with Arya. Katniss was hiding in my closet. 
My baby girl turned 36! 

I finished Paul's scarf. Yay!! 

So the girlfriend scarf now has a new home at the Goodwill 😊

FINALLY!! After almost 5 months our bed arrived. 


After...YAY!! We love it! 

We got!!! 

Looking at these pictures of snow if February makes me so happy we've already made our reservations, flight plans and everything for Imperial Velentin Riviera Maya next February...✈🌴🌞 I can't wait!! 

So, February turned out to be a busy time. I have loads of pictures and I'll leave you with a few of those special ones. Paul will probably kill me for posting a couple of these 🎀😂

He just looks so natural with a bow in his beard. 

As always...thanks for stopping by.

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