Monday, October 25, 2021

Landscaping Part 1 of ?

 Hi, heavy!! 

Well for starters, I'm feeling much better. Thank you all for the cards and well wishes. I have the best peeps, family and friends around!! I'm so very blessed and thankful! 

I've been meaning to post about our landscaping for some time. When we were first on the hunt for a new house in the Toledo area, one of our prerequisites were trees! We wanted something cozy like we had on Stonewood or Curtis. Well, we landed up falling love with the floorplan of our new home and realizing the yard would need a lot of work, we went for it. Paul was pretty excited about a clean slate in the yardwork department...that man loves playing in dirt. 

For starters back in May, we bought some trees for the front yard. I can't believe they built the house and didn't put one tree in the yard, either front or back. 


Notice all the stone along the front of the house. We like mulch because Paul loves his bulbs and I do too. Daffodils, tulips, and the dahlia tubers. So, can you believe he moved ALL the rocks? We used them in the landscaping for the backyard (didn't have to pay the landscapers for them) and he lined the fence with them, now he doesn't have use the weed eater along the fence. 

The previous owner had some huge dogs and he worked 3rd shift. He liked to leave the side door open so the dogs could come and go. He had a side door put in through the laundry room. Our problem with that is there's no way to get to the front of the house from the side. You have to either use the front door or open the garage. Our solution? Move the fence to behind the side door so now we can come and go to the front with ease. 


and after..

On to the backyard...we hired a landscaped company. Since our backyard has a pretty good sized slope, we wanted a retaining wall. 
The corner has a drainage hole and we aren't the only ones whose yard the rain drains into. You can see by the slope of the fence, how deep the slope is. Paul fixed that fence too 😍



Here's a video showing our backyard early summer. Not a bush or tree in sight. 

Paul told the landscapers that I wanted a little water feature in the backyard somewhere. They decided to work on that first. 

Just so happens it's right outside our bedroom window. Some pics were taken through the screen in there. In the summer at night, we get to open our windows and listen to the waterfall lull us to sleep, it's a little bit of heaven 😊.

They then moved on to the retention wall. Unfortunately, the stone the guy ordered looked like sidewalk cement and we were quite disappointed that we didn't get to choose the color. We then ordered a different color which took an additional 8 weeks to come in! So this project that was supposed to take 2 weeks is now into it's 3rd month. Plus, I'm not sure the stone looks that different. Oh well, it will be so worth it when it's done! 

outline of the steps and wall

digging out for the wall

encased barrier for the waterfall so it doesn't callapse during rain etc. 

Paul having fun with new plants.

Well, it's coming along nicely and we LOVE IT!! I'll post more pics in a week or so after I get back from my girls trip to Disney.

As always...thanks for stopping by. 


  1. I am just stunned by your landscaping! It looks like a resort! I am so happy for your both!

  2. Love all the photos and your landscaping is beautiful! I would love to have such a lovely yard. Looking forward to hearing about your Disney trip.

  3. I’m trampled by your contents carry on the wonderful work.