Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Orlando Part 2

Hey there!

I know, I know, I haven't posted Orlando Part 1. But while this is fresh in my mind and I'm still somewhat giddy from our trip, I thought I'd post away. 


Elliott recently is fascinated with planes. As soon as she hears them outside, she used to say "what's that?". Now she says "there's a plane!". We've been telling her for a couple of weeks now that we're going on a plane. 

We left on Sunday, February 27th from Detroit. We used to fly out of Cleveland but that's now 2 hours away so it seems pointless. This was our first time flying from Detroit. It worked out fine. Jenn & Dan bought these car seat carts and it made walking throughout the airports with the grands a breeze. 


We flew on Delta and the pilots couldn't have been nicer!! Elliott got her first wings and they even gave her a pair to her to give to Ethan. 


I made Minnie masks for me, Jenn, Elliott and Linda. This time I added a nose wire, so much more comfortable. 

First day we relaxed when we got there. Check in at Hilton Grand Vacation Club Sea World was at 4:00 and we got there about 1:00 and they checked us in and we got our room right away! We walked down to the pond area and saw some turtles. Some people talk about seeing alligators, which I'm fine with not seeing any of those!   


The next day was a rest day and we had made reservations beforehand at Ragland Road Irish Pub. This would be my 3rd time eating there and knowing they had Irish dancers on stage, I knew Elliott would love it! And love it she did. Her little legs were going under the table.   

In the square at Disney Springs after dinner, we heard a violinist. Wow was she ever good!! 


Tuesday was magic Kingdom day!! Yay!! It truly was a magical experience. 

All decked out for the 50th Anniversary

Little Mermaid ride...

Dumbo ride...

Linda & I in our Disney shirts from Jenn 😊

As we were walking around, they had little guest services booths set up for people with questions or needs. Jenn & Dan asked where would be the best place to see Mickey and the guy told us at the theatre on Main Street. So we headed that way but then noticed all kinds of commotion near the Castle. Out front on a stage were all the Disney characters singing and dancing. We were so glad we were close by and got to see it. FUN!! 

And then...a parade came right by us while we were having some ice cream on Main Street. We got so lucky that we were in the right place at the right time. Elliott was ecstatic she got to see Mickey and Minnie. We all were!!

They had a parade of princesses including the Fairy God Mother at the end. 


Linda and Jim were wanting to take it easy since Linda had recently broken a toe and they had a big diving trip in Palau that was happening when they got back. They had the kids for the day while me, Paul, Jenn and Dan went to Epcot. 
Anyone with kids, especially under the age of 3, knows how tiring it can be. As you can see Jenn in this picture, she is ready to have an "adult" day!! 😆

In England with Mary Poppins in the background. 

THE Beauty & the Beast



This was another blast of a day! 1st up is DeVine, a character who is heavily camoflaouged in vines and plants. So VERY cool!! 
We saw a few boats go by with Disney Characters!! 

We went on the Avatar Flight of Passage ride (I went on it in November with the girls). It's so very cool!! Even waiting in line was cool, although it was longer than anticipated.

Everything is so beautiful here!! 

I love the bright pretty colors. 

Ad then back out to walk around the park...

I have to say the special treats for the 50th Anniversary are to die for! 

We had been seeing kids walking around with the Little Mermaid Bubble Blowers so I couldn't resist getting Elliott one to play with. She loved it! 
Next we rode on the Na'vi River Boat Journey. Oh was that ever fun!! Again, the bright colors all having to do with the movie Avatar. 

Another long wait but the kids were good and it wasn't too hot. 

Back outside..


We had a very early morning flight. Bye Orlando..until next time 💓

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  1. Oh what a fun trip!! I love Disney (as you can tell from my user name). I haven't been in over 8 years though. So glad to see you don't have to wear masks anymore. I know y'all had a fantastic time - love your pics and videos. I have never been to Raglan Road - will have to go there on my next trip.