Thursday, July 20, 2023

May 2023 moments..


Well I managed to get all my photos from May and June uploaded to my computer, my EHD and Dropbox..yay! 

Here's some of our summer so far..

We went to Carrabba's for dinner and I was lucky to capture this loving moment between these two. 

 For my birthday this year Bev took me to see the play Tina. I decided to stay overnight since we also had May's Bunco. At the time Bev was staying at Sue's house on the lake and taking care of her dog while she was out of town. She graciously allowed me to stay there too. 

View of Lake Erie from the bedroom I stayed in. 

We met Lisa for lunch at The Tree House 

Ok, not gonna lie. This was my first Mimosa..never again. Not a fan! LOL 

The play was downtown Cleveland at Playhouse Square. Such an awesome place. 

It was an awesome performance! 

Another sweet moment with these two..

Oreo sure is giving Willow lots of exercise!! 

Ethan, growing up way too fast!

We have a message group in the family called Wordle and 5 of us Wordle each morning and post our results. I did see someone else (I think on FB) also does this, but one person picks a starting word..that sounds fun! Anyway, Jenn got a 1!! 

Elliott helped me with the gnome garden..

Some slide and sprinkler fun..


The flowers in the garden are absolutely gorgeous! Paul does such a nice job in the yard. Our little oasis..

Unusual tulips

We got Toledo Zoo passes and our first trip this year was fun. We got some lettuce for the kids to feed the giraffes. The giraffe kind of lunged at Elliott. I think it was just looking for another piece of lettuce but Elliott was NOT happy. Paul asked her if she wanted to give it another one and she said "I don't want to". But, listen to her laugh while Ethan was feeding the giraffe. She definitely enjoyed his experience more! 

There's a Merry-Go-Round at the zoo..

I made the mistake of putting Ethan on a moving animal. It would have been much better if we had sat in one of the bench seats. Not a few seconds after this photo was taken, he asked to get down. 

There's also a little train..

We got some ice cream..

Elliott said "I like brain freeze" when I mentioned to take smaller bites. 

That's it for May. As always..


  1. I love your photos! The kids are so sweet and cute! Your flowers are beautiful. I miss Carrabbas - we don't have them in my area anymore (they all closed around here). Looks like you had a great month!!

    1. Thank you! One place I miss from Cleveland is Cheesecake Factory so I know exactly how you feel. Thanks so much for stopping by.