Monday, May 16, 2011

It's about time...

I got some photos off my cameras. I still can't wait to be able to get some shots from outside instead of through the windows of the sun room. Been colder than anyone likes around here. In the 40's the last 2 days which with the constant rain it feels like Fall. The crisp air when I walk outside makes me expect to see pumpkins and corn husks adorning the front porches. Hopefully it will clear up by later in the week since we'll be taking the camper out for the first time.

First time this kind of woodpecker has visited my feeders.

First time I've seen a Grosbeak too!

I put a slice of orange out, hoping I would get to see an Oriole. Sure enough!

And this one is a little baby I think.

This kind of woodpecker frequents my feeders. This one looks like a baby.

Random flower pic that I've had and absolutely LOVE.


  1. Valerie these pics are fabulous! I was wandering around the web the other day and a lady was doing a bird journal of her photos! You definitely should consider it! I love these and I got a shot of a bird I habve never seen here before-a yellow warbler. Great phoitos GF!

  2. Val, I love your blog. Such great shots of the outdoors and I love that camper. I could ALMOST enjoy camping if I roughed it in one of those!!
    Love the beautiful photos around your blog. This fits you so perfectly.