Friday, April 29, 2011

It feels so good!

Well, I can't believe how good it felt to actually scrapbook a page today! I think the last time I scrapped was a couple of months ago before all the crap with Mom & Mac. Recently there's been so much drama down there, with Mac checking himself out of rehab after just 2 short days and trying to take my mom home, to him wheeling the wrong person down the hall claiming it's my mother and then falling in the yard today. Way too much drama and I was starting to feel sick to my stomach on a daily basis.
So, to scrap today without any feelings of stress or interruptions was actually wonderful! Here's a simple lo I did of Paul holding a hornets nest we had found in the oak tree out front. A branch was hanging over the roof and that's where they made their nest. We waited until Fall when all the hornets left and abandoned it and then Paul took it down so we could get a closer look. He took it to work and gave it to his sister Sue who gave it to her grandson to take to school for show and tell!
I hope to scrap some more today and maybe get some done over the weekend. Fighting a cold though and I do want to play with the new camper we got. Picked it up on Good Friday but the weather has been soooo awful that I haven't been able to take any pictures. I think the weather is going to cooperate this weekend!

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  1. Val, I missed out on all the drama with Mac. Is he settled now, and does he plan to leave your mom where she is? My heart understands your stress. Becoming parents' caretakers is not an easy job. Love your layout and I'm glad you got some time to scrap. Take care!