Sunday, June 17, 2012

Color Run!

Yep, we did the inaugural Cleveland Color Run yesterday! Boy was that fun! Not so much a 5K as I thought it would be and I trained for but that's okay. It was all for fun. Here's some pics prior to the color.
Paul, Jenn and me

OHIO Paul, Traci, me, and Jenn

I cannot believe how much fun this was!!

Jenn's very 1st 5k. I was very proud of the time and commitment she gave prior to the run.

Awesome time was had by all. We got lucky because this event sells out all over the country in such a short time. Cleveland apparently sold out 4 days after the registration started but we were fast! The run itself was pretty different. At each kilometer, on either side of the street were volunteers holding jugs filled with powdered color that everyone would get doused with. Whenever we came to a k, we could see the cloud of color ahead and then the run became a walk as everyone wanted to get as much color as possible. I see why this event wasn't timed LOL.

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