Thursday, May 24, 2012

Disney Fun!!

Oh how I wish I was with them!! Logan and Emmy are having the time of their lives at Disney World. I got a few pics off Facebook to share.

Emmy on at the Water Park!

Logan at the Water Park!

Emmy's dream come true! Here she is with Princess Ariel!

And Princess Belle!

And Cinderella!


  1. Oh how sweet! I wish you were there too. These pics will be so fun to scrap. Can't believe how big the kids are.. thanks for sharing.

  2. Such sweet photo's Val! I wish I was with them I love Disney!

  3. Wow, they sure had a super duper time! Wow! Plus being a princess for the day is almost every girl's dream. She looked so adorable and like she was having an awesome time!

  4. Oh, don't you just long to be there to experience their excitement. That's one thing on my bucket list, to go to Disney with grands at least one more time. Cute cute photos.