Monday, August 6, 2012

Emmy turns 4!

Emmy has been waiting MONTHS for August 1st to get here so she'll be 4! Jessie and Eric had her party at the party center at the condos where they live. It was really nice! All princess-y! A funny story; Uncle Steve had called Emmy last week and asked her what she wanted for her birthday. Emmy, trying to be silly and "4" said really quiet...."poop", and then giggled. Of course Steve asked her what she really wanted and she still said "poop".
When Steve and Traci came in to the party, Steve asked Emmy where he should set the bag of poop she wanted. She just about died!! The look on her face! She said "I was kidding, uncle Steve". So, needless to say, Steve and Traci's gift sat on the table until the very end and even then, Emmy asked Logan to take a peek before she'd even look at LOL!! It was really funny. Like the old saying "Watch what you ask for".

Jessie outdid herself.

A little bit of magic sprinkle!
Playing the butterfly catch game

Playing the cupcake matching game

Blowing out the candles

She likes her new Tutu and butterfly wings from me & Paul
Checking to make sure there's no poop in that bag
A big heartfelt "thank you" to uncle Steve for NOT giving poop

She also liked her Cabbage Patch doll with matching Tutu.


  1. poop! i guess we should all careful what you ask for. lol! great party and the dessert table looks nice. take care missy!

  2. ROFL! That is TOO funny!!! I bet she'll be careful at Christmas.
    It looks like it was a great party and the birthday girl had a good day.