Wednesday, August 1, 2012

There's something about new shoes...

that just gets me excited! I went shopping with Jenn yesterday and she was looking for a new pair of running shoes. SHE was looking and I was just along for the ride. Well, I landed up trying on these sweet Mizuno running shoes and I fell in LOVE!!

I was actually like a little kid last night in anticipation of wearing these this morning on our run. Remember back when in school you'd get new clothes and shoes for the new school year? Well, I was just as excited..AND they didn't disappoint! Light, airy and they fit like a glove without any bulk. I call them a minimalist running shoes. Sheesh! I sound like I work for them or somethin' LOL.

Wendy and I are leaving tomorrow evening and heading to VA to pick up one of her dogs. We'd pick up both but Harley the miniature schnauzer doesn't like cats..and we have 4 right now! We'll get to play with the twins and we plan on taking Corey out for ice cream after we surprise him by picking him up from school.

Sunday we're celebrating my little granddaughters 4th birthday! Emmy turned 4 today.


  1. I love those shoes! And yes, new shoes do amazing things to your spirit. :)
    Have a safe trip!

  2. i still remember the time when i was small, i was so excited to get my new shoes. that night i slept with them to make sure no one took them. lol! i loved those shoes! also, have a nice trip with your sis. oh, and i saw the twins on the last post. so precious!