Tuesday, April 22, 2014


I think that's a good word to describe how I'm feeling! Seriously. Now that everyone who has been living with us over the past couple of years, has moved out...Paul and I feel like we've just moved in! We've been going through a few of the many boxes downstairs in the basement and finding things we forgot we had.

We're planning on replacing the carpeting in the family room and having some bookshelves made for the living room. We ordered an entertainment center for the family room. I'm just giddy with excitement over fixing up, decorating and working on some Project Life and knitting!! Whew, I can't keep up with myself LOL.

So to start, I found some super fun-super cute curtains for the family room. I found them at Pier 1 Imports,  but the store didn't carry the length I needed so I ordered them online. When the box arrived I was so excited and apparently, the box was too!!....


Isn't this box the CUTEST?!?! I just crack up every time I see it. Well, now that I have pictures, I can let it go.

And here are the CUTEST curtains I've seen in a long time...

Wall art above the fireplace will be replaced with pictures of flowers from our yard/travels. 
Check out the little finials!!!
Paul said that if I had told him I wanted to find curtain rods that had little bird finials to match my curtains, he would have fallen over laughing. We were in Lowes, since that's where I found some curtains and rods I liked in the past, and Paul found these rods with little birds!!! I can't get over stuff like this! It's like when I'm at work and I need 50 copies using a certain color paper so I grab and bunch and put em in the copier and VOILA! Exactly 50 sheets were put in...it freaks me out (in a good way)!!

The curtains didn't arrive as shown in the picture though. They were suppose to have a little casing at the top to insert the rod in, and they would have had a little gathering of about an inch above the casing. Well...NO CASING. It looked like an open hem! But, me being as impatient as I am did not want to send them back. I could have just put them on the rod as they were but that would have driven me nuts..my Monkish tendencies and all, so I improvised which made the curtains better (in my opinion) than the original.

I went to JoAnn's and bought some of these plastic rings in the home decorating section where the "make it yourself" curtain accessories were. Came home and got to work...


Yes, I'm VERY proud of myself! I'm tickled with how good they turned out.

Well, usually I'm off on Tuesdays but yesterday my boss asked me if I could come in this morning....so I can't hang around here anymore. I have LOTS more to post and talk about but that will have to be another time.
As always....

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  1. I love the curtains! I'm so happy you're getting to enjoy your space. I can't wait to see your PL and knitting.