Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sweet time with the grands...

Yep, I got to spend an awesome day with Logan and Emmy last week...or was it the week before? Doesn't matter.
Emmy helping me fill the shelves with books. Some old and some pop-up books from Aunt Gert.
Blurry...but Logan playing with the K'nex. I don't think he'll ever tire of those.
My lunch! Emmy was the waitress and Logan the chef. It did cost me $25 for lunch but the waitress convinced the chef to allow me to pay with pretend dollars :)
Emmy was so proud of herself for doing this puzzle..and she should be since she did it all by herself.
And this MiMi was proud of herself for playing two different games at the same time. Go me! LOL
Dory is moving out next weekend (the 12th I believe) so I do hope to have Logan and Emmy come over to play and hang out a lot.

As always...

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