Saturday, May 3, 2014


That means that today is National Scrapbooking Day and Kentucky Derby Day! Yep. My friend Bev is hosting a Derby Party in honor of her mom who loved to wear hats...get it? Derby? It's cute and it will be fun. My mom loved hats too. I'm in the process of knitting a hat to wear, complete with flowers since it is Spring.

Paul's going to the Indians game with Stephen. Our Indians are once again making it difficult for fans to, well, be fans? There are literally no fans out there like Cleveland fans and our teams..The Browns and The Indians, year after year, fail to make it a "good" season for them. Last night was the Indian's first win out of 7 games. I feel kind of sorry for them..the fans-my hubby, Steve and Eric.

Aunt Gert fell the other night. She has 3 small fractures in her pelvis and I went to visit her in the hospital yesterday. She seems okay. I think I lifted her spirits some and I plan on going to see her again today.

Not much else going on except it's Spring and some of Paul's efforts are showing...

I will post pics of the Derby Party soon. I hope you have a wonderful Saturday! As always...

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  1. Oh how pretty your garden looks. Great pictures too. Plus, I did watch some of the KDD on tv. I just love all the hats and of course the race. California Chrome won so I was happy for the home state pony! I know you all had fun at the party. That would be a fun thing to host.