Monday, May 12, 2014

Ummmm, Monday already??

Yep, it is. I had a lovely Mother's Day. Paul and I had Logan and Emmy Saturday night and Sunday Logan handed me a bag and said Happy Mother's Day! My hubby did good. I told him a few weeks ago..if any of the kids ask if you have any ideas for me for Mother's Day, I'd like this whimsical clock I saw. Well, here it is...
How cute is that? Love the little roll of film pendulum! LOL
I got a beautiful Pandora bracelet with a "Mom" bead and Eric and Jessie and the grands gave me a GC to "Painting with a Twist"! Like I said, it was lovely Mother's Day.

We have some beautiful little trees and bushes blooming..

I had a hilarious text conversation with Jenn the other day. I was cracking up..WARNING: EXPLICIT LANGUAGE! 
I'm in gray and Jenn is in blue :)
So..I had called Mac (my stepdad in MS) a couple of weeks ago when the south was having those horrible storms to check and see if he was ok. I mentioned the ginger jars my mom had made oh about 20 years ago. She had promised me those jars and I just wanted to remind him. Well, he had no idea and he said he'd send them to me. Well, they arrived on Saturday and I'm just thrilled...giddy!

My mom hand painted them!!
Working on my new shawl. Oh it's going to be stunning!! I had to request some help online and a gentleman on FB named Richard explained to me the Lacy Edge Bind-Off technique I was struggling with...
Pretty sparkly yarn with little sequins :)
Well, as always....

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