Sunday, June 15, 2014


So many times I wish my dad were here. I do notice though that my friends that still have their dads, are truly making wonderful memories and are treasuring their times together. I think when you get to a certain age...maybe after 30? 40? you start realize that time is precious. Time is precious with any family member, be it a sibling, parent, or child/grandchild.

I miss you dad! xoxo

Man I didn't remember that head of hair! He did have some thick locks that's for sure.

I had a nice day today. Went to church this morning and sat with Di. Then went on a bike ride with Paul. It's a gorgeous day! Sunny-blue skies and 80! Wow!
Did I mention Cheesecake Factory? I took Jason last week and tried a new one...S'More Cheesecake....Oh my!

While the kids were staying with us before their move, Emmy drew Paul a picture. It's actually a "color chart". Paul is color blind and Emmy is fascinated by that fact. Whenever she sees him, she give him a little test.."grandpa, what color do you think this is". If he gets it right, she praises him! It's the cutest thing. 

Our little hibiscus bloomed...

I decided that I HATED my hair. I hated the mousy brown it had turned into after many highlights and then colorings. So, I colored it a nice medium brown...

So, the other day I got woke up by a screeching blue jay outside my bedroom window. Come to find out, Kitty killed one of their babies. It was heartbreaking (for me and the adult bird). I decided Kitty was going to stay inside for a while...

The next day, I see Toby so intent by the sliding door that he didn't even want to leave to come eat. I then saw why...

I thought that was the strangest thing. Random! I hope you had a pleasant weekend! As always....


  1. I LOVE your hair color. The story of Emmy and Paul is TOO sweet! (don't forget to PL that...)
    I hope your week is going well!

  2. The cheesecake... omg! that looks so yummy. I enjoyed this whole post. The cat and the bird pic was too cute. Oh and your darling father... he looked like a happy man and I see you in his face.