Sunday, June 29, 2014

Let's get on with Project Life..

shall we? I'm feeling down and out about not even attempting it. Overwhelmed at the beginning of the year didn't help. And now with it being the middle of June and I only just finished January's PL, I was a bit overwhelmed again. Well, at first I downloaded some PL journal pages to try and figure out each spread. I had at least 3 different page types and I purchased this kit....

So, design A was the one I started with back in 2012 and did my title pages with.

I also have 3 or 4 other designs. Well, it takes a lot of planning. Which pictures to put where, what size to print, since some will be 4x6 and some 3x4.
Like I said, I did get January completed...

So, I kept putting it off and I would print a picture here and there and somewhere along the line it all turned into a muddled mess.

So, recently I discovered an app called Collect, in which the pics taken with my iPhone will look exactly like a Polaroid and allow me to actually journal right on the picture!!

This solved 2 of my problems-one being the landscape vs portrait mode and what day was that pic taken. In my never ending search to make the process seem not so daunting, I stumbled upon a blog post  (I spent about 15 minutes searching on line so I could link it here but to no avail)  about using Design F pocket pages. Now here's where I started getting excited...

Oh my!! Now I can use the 4x6 pocket at the top to create my monthly title (like I always have) and just print 3x4's everywhere!! The Collect App will come in handy and I don't even have to use that all the time...just when I want to have some fun!

Pics aren't askew irl like they are here

I figure eventually I'll go back to switching up the styles of pages once I get caught up. I'm pretty excited about it!! As always....

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