Saturday, July 5, 2014

Happy 4th a day later!

The 4th was rather dull for us. Not having the grands here and Jenn not being here made it pretty boring. We picked up Aunt Gert and Paul's mom Dory, both from elderly facilities. Wendy's home for the weekend so she came over and Steve came.  I had asked Paul earlier in the week if he wanted to go watch fireworks, of course he said no. Then I asked Steve and he said unless he's in NY watching them shoot off of the boats in the river, forget it. Wendy was tired from her flight the day before. Bunch of old fuddy duddies tell ya.

Funny story though, I called Aunt Gert earlier in the day to ask her if she'd like to come over for a barbecue. Now mind you she's 91. She tells me she was just going to call me and suggest we go watch fireworks later that night and bring a blanket to sit on! 91! Plus she just got out of rehab 2 days ago recovered from a fall and having a fractured pelvis. She's a little wonder is what she is! Of course by 6:00 she was tired and the fireworks suggestion was a distant memory. We had a nice cook out though and decided to go with an American tradition and we had apple pie and ice cream. Paul and I both miss Logan and Emmy something fierce.
Anyway, on a lighter note....

Way to go Madge!! As always....

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